Former KNBC and PBS reporter Doug Kriegel is a candidate for the State Assembly in the West San Fernando Valley.

Doug has become a target for big oil companies who are fighting climate change. During the month of May, an independent expenditure committee financed with $1million from Chevron gave more than $100,000 to the political action committee of Doug’s opponent Matt Dababneh. This was oil company payback to Dababneh for his opposition to a key provision in Governor Brown’s climate change bill which oil companies spent millions to defeat. See the below video for more.

Four years ago, Chevron spent a fortune smearing Valley Senator Fran Pavley. It didn’t work. Now Chevron is promoting Dababneh as one of the saviors of Big Oil. Chevron’s PAC is spending thousands of dollars on mailers sent to voters. Of course, these slick mailers never mention that Big Oil is paying for the direct mail campaign, which is sending hundreds of thousands of mailers to homes in the West Valley.

Dababneh’s reliance on corporate contributions earned him an F rating from the Courage Campaign, which monitors corporate contributions. They put him in their “Hall of Shame.” As chairman of the Banking Committee, he has received thousands of dollars from banks and other financial entities. This is a conflict of interest. It feels like democracy for sale and doesn’t pass the smell test.

The Courage Campaign claims Dababneh is actually a Republican, posing as a Democrat because his district is overwhelmingly Democratic.



This past year Doug received an Emmy nomination for his series on PBS SoCal called the “Drive-By Economist.” At KNBC, Doug won several Emmys. He was the first LA newsperson to report “live” from Manhattan on September 11th, 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked. Doug has two Masters degrees, one in economics and one in journalism. Before getting into broadcast journalism, Doug worked as an economist in Europe and as a financial analyst on Wall Street.

Here’s a look at clips from Doug’s reporting career from YouTube.

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